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BRP Co. has extensive experience in organizing international and national exhibitions. Accordingly, we have first-hand knowledge and understanding of the prominent Iranian market . Yet , our expertise is more comprehensive than the local market of Iran since we have been in close contact with numerous significant professionals in different fields of industry in neighboring countries, as they have been our exhibitors, clients, or exhibition visitors.

In addition, we have various shared cultural and historical backgrounds with neighboring countries, so BRP has valuable information about the markets in these countries. We are fully aware of their tastes and preferences, which is handy when offering related services to our clients.

By participating in our exhibitions, you can benefit from this information and use our marketing services to boost your business in Iran’s large market with 87 million poplution, where there is an increasing need for foreign goods and services.

Also, by being an exhibitor in our trade shows, you have easy access to the neighboring markets such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, as well as CIS countries since in our exhibitions, there are always numerous exhibitors, visitors, and delegations present to promote their business and seek international

partners. Thus, using our knowledge and experience, we can significantly help your marketing plan, and you can have your way to these countries through the safe path of Iran.

We are Here to tell your success story.

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Mr. Irani, the managing director of the collection